Marcel Frommer


Marcel is a Hamburg Based Art Director and Photographer who grew up in Frankfurt a.M (Germany). His passion for visual creations and his continuous curiosity for creative processes shaped him already as a young child. Surrounded by walls full of art, his fathers' gentle hands playing the piano, and the support from his mother on early creative education, Marcel was thus able to indulge his strong artistic sense early on.

As a child, he’s never been intrigued by books and their words. He would much rather prefer Disney movies, German teen series, and pop music of the 2000s. Although he has always been known to be an extroverted person, he loved to make sense of his presence through words. Throughout his Design studies, later on, Marcel developed a special connection to typography, which pushed his visual communication skill to the next level.
         His special aesthetics and own perception of light, shadow, and contrast are highly influenced by old Hollywood cinematic sceneries and black & white photographs in old family albums of his grandparents. Growing up in Frankfurt and being exposed to its multifaceted and sometimes scratchy appearance, 70's influenced buildings paired with the devotion to provocative and idealized stories that were visually conveyed through 90’s advertising, had another big impact on his visual approach to things.

For Marcel, all of these components strongly intermixed during his time living in Lisbon. For him, the city was a conglomeration and somehow the mirror of all his very own creative values. Since then he’s been captivated by the raw and real way of mastering retro cinematic sceneries and calming construction of everyday life situations.
         For the time being, he learned a lot about the history of photography itself, the feeling for compositions of organic and geometric forms, and the grey space that lays between bright and dark, which lead him to dive into the complexity of the greyscale. Especially the grain of a 400 ISO Film got him hyped about its undeniable special depth of texture.

The impressions of the southern European nostalgic 80’s black and white film were so present that he started his own journey of analog photography. He’s been passionate and deeply dedicated ever since to sharing his own point of view on the world with those who follow him.
         Up until today his heart and visual head long for sceneries that could last forever, like mid-century postcard pictures. Timeless, calming, and nostalgic.