Marcel is an Art Director, Designer and Photographer from Hamburg, Germany, who developed a passion for visual creations from a young age. He draws inspiration from his childhood surroundings, including walls full of art, his father's piano playing, and his mother's support for his creative education. As a child, he was more interested in Disney movies, teen series, and pop music than books. However, during his design studies, Marcel developed a special connection with typography that enhanced his visual communication skills.

His unique aesthetics and perception of light, shadow, and contrast are influenced by old Hollywood cinematic sceneries and black & white photographs from his grandparents' albums. Marcel's visual approach to things was also significantly influenced by growing up in Frankfurt. The city's unique, multifaceted appearance, combined with 70s-inspired buildings and provocative 90s advertising, all served as inspiration for his artistic style.

Living in Lisbon brought all of these components together, allowing Marcel to master retro cinematic sceneries and everyday life situations. His passion for analog photography grew, and he enjoys sharing his unique point of view on the world with others. Marcel's heart and visual head long for timeless, calming, and nostalgic sceneries that could last forever, like mid-century postcard pictures. Timeless, calming, and nostalgic.